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“I’ve learnt the hard way how important it is to always keep your boots on, even when totally broken and hungering for rest, as well as the importance of understanding how minor details can quickly lead to dramatic escalations. I’m committed to growing a business that is, at its core, constantly prepared for the unforeseen on behalf of our clients.

Success is not only the result of commitment and discipline, but it also comes from lessons learned in years of experience when wisdom is mitigating the exuberance of youth.”

Alessandro Martello, CEO & Founder

Mission & Vision

NSSG is today a globally recognised leader in the provision of risk management services in the most challenging environments due to our ability to learn from the unique challenges that we’ve faced in twenty years of experience, lessons which have since become the DNA of our organisation.

We are committed to delivering quality and critical services to our clients no matter the situation, and this commitment is boosted by our intense passion for what we do. This passion is constantly pushing us to overcome limits and be ready for the unforeseen.

We will be more than just your partner during your business journeys across the most austere paths; we will be the ones keeping their boots on when all the others have rested.

Our Team

We have gathered together, under one roof, experts with considerable experience in the delivery of risk management services, commercial intelligence and crisis response.

What differentiates us:

  • Our people are our most important assets.
  • We are passionate about what we do.
  • All of our services are bespoke and flexible to meet our clients’ unique requirements.
  • We operate where others cannot.
  • We have local insights combined with international know-how.
  • We have an ethical and personable approach to business.

Alessandro Martello


Alexandra Grigore

Finance Manager

Iulian Grigore

Operations Manager

Liliana Geru

Business Development Manager

Alessandro Cipri

Intelligence Manager

Crina Gegea

QAQC Manager

Sameh Elrefaie

Country Manager Egypt

Pasquale Torchia

Major Projects Coordinator

Cornel Mihai

Assistant Operations Manager

Andrea Galletti

Project Manager

Marc Pujol

Project Manager

Amr Omara

Operations Director-Egypt

Amir Abdala

C3i Specialist

Catalin Pirvu

C3i Specialist

Manuel Crenicean

C3i Specialist

We are growing our team.

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