We have great news to share with you all as we embark on a new growth path at the international level, after a capital infusion from Avante Corp. (Avante), an acknowledged Canadian-based high-end security services firm.

This strategic partnership was signed off on September 21, 2023, with the purpose of accelerating both companies’ worldwide expansion. We aspire to increase our international market leadership, as reputed risk management provider, and to set new professional and ethical standards in the risk management industry.

Back in 2017, when we set up NSSG in Bucharest , Romania we were only dreaming to become a leader in providing integrated services in risk management, crisis management, remote medicine, due diligence, and travel risk management. Our efforts in making this dream come true have been acknowledged.

NSSG’s strategic vision remains that of leaving a mark in the risk management industry through new and innovative approaches, an ethical and diverse organisation, and genuine and honest internal and external relationships. Since 2017, while focusing on emerging and complex markets, NSSG has cemented its global reputation for its cutting-edge risk management solutions, bespoke advisory and support services, and unwavering dedication to corporate customer satisfaction. Its clients are Fortune 500 corporations operating globally.

“We have aimed high from the beginning to become a market leader in risk management at the international level through bespoke and innovative services carried out with passion and ethics. The partnership with Avante makes us proud. It is a transformative milestone for NSSG as we look to expand our global corporate risk management offering, and it is 100% in line with our initial growth plan. Our shared values, vision, and passion for quality and risk management innovation will make this collaboration successful. We trust that Avante’s core client base will benefit from our bespoke services, cutting-edge applications, creativity, and ethical take on this challenging business. Our international corporate clients will also benefit from this partnership, as we will leverage Avante’s Control Centre and integrate the surveillance platform into our activity.”, were the thoughts shared by our CEO and Founder, Alessandro Martello.

Manny Mounouchos, CEO of Avante, also expressed enthusiasm about this strategic move, stating that “This partnership aligns perfectly with our corporate strategy of diversification and accelerated growth outside of our core Toronto market. We are excited to join forces with NSSG and believe that this collaboration will unlock new opportunities for both companies. This transformative acquisition will pave the way for several of our technology platforms to be quickly adopted globally by NSSG’s existing clients.”

Avante and NSSG will closely cooperate to expand their business operations, leverage new technologies and innovations to benefit their clients and improve services. The management of NSSG, through the shareholders’ agreement, will maintain day-to-day control of the business.

Through the partnership with Avante, NSSG anticipates new growth opportunities and the ability to provide its clients with an even broader spectrum of service verticals, utilising Avante’s innovative technology and world-class Command and Control Centre. Avante is recognised in Canada for its established and diversified business lines and its innovation across various service sectors, including its quickly growing Corporate Security division, Avante Black.

Key highlights of this partnership include:

1. Synergy in Services: Clients of Avante and NSSG will benefit from a wider array of risk management and security services, ranging from traditional manned security to modern technology-driven solutions to a broad range of corporate security platforms.

2. Global Expansion: Both companies will leverage their respective global networks to offer seamless risk management and security solutions to corporate clients on a larger international scale.

3. Innovation and Expertise: The collaboration will harness synergies from each party’s expertise in innovation and technology to remain at the forefront of the security industry.

4. Operational Efficiency: The partnership will enhance operational efficiency, ensuring the continued delivery of exceptional risk management and security services.

About NSSG

NSSG is a distinguished risk management provider headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, with offices in New York, Cairo, and Kyiv, representations in Saudi Arabia, Italy, Israel, and the United Kingdom, and a worldwide clientele. From strategic advisory to implementation solutions for multinational companies operating in challenging environments and complex political jurisdictions, NSSG offers a wide range of integrated corporate risk management solutions, with a strong focus on technological advancements and integration with existing corporate security platforms.  NSSG has established itself as a trusted partner to Fortune 500 companies in the risk management industry.

About Avante Corp.

Avante Corp. is a Toronto-based provider of high-end security services. We acquire, manage, and build industry-leading businesses that provide specialized, mission-critical solutions that address the needs of our customers. Our businesses continuously develop innovative solutions that enable our customers to achieve their objectives. With an experienced team and a proven track record of solid growth, we are taking steps to establish a broad portfolio of security businesses to provide our customers and shareholders with exceptional returns. Official website:  AvanteCorp – Avante Corp Inc. [XX].