Information Technology, Communications & Cyber

Cybersecurity awareness is embedded within our overall security organisational culture.

As businesses operate in an increasingly hyper-connected digital environment, they enter into a continually evolving cyber threat landscape that brings a range of financial, operational, legal, security and reputational risks. Protection against unauthorised use of electronic data by both state- and non-state actors is a key priority for companies, as theft of digital information is now reported to be most common type of fraud. Cybersecurity services are critical to protecting not only a business and its employees but also clients and customers from these growing threats.

At NSSG, cybersecurity awareness is embedded within our overall security organisational culture. We can provide comprehensive threat mitigation services to identify risks, exposures and vulnerabilities to information technology, communications, and cyber infrastructure.

We can also support in the consultation process and development of cybersecurity strategies aimed at protecting your business, including points such as:

  • Digital Forensic services
  • Deep and Dark web monitoring and investigations
  • Cyber threats monitoring and detection
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cybersecurity awareness programmes
  • Implementation of tailored cybersecurity policies