Health & Medical Assistance

We recognise that people are the most important assets for any business.

Ensuring the mental and physical well-being of an organisation’s staff is just as important to ensuring their safety and security. From operating in urban environments to remote destinations, a wide array of natural or man-made health hazards can emerge and impact staff well-being.

Even during ‘normal’ times, medical risks, even ones thought to be routine or acute, can escalate into a full-blown crisis if the traveller and business are unprepared and ill-equipped. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught organisations that the lessons of handling far-reaching and multi-jurisdictional medical risks can be extremely complex and debilitating.

Our team has proven experience in delivering medical assistance solutions and healthcare support, from urban environments to remote destinations. We leverage our global network of partners to provide the most timely and cost-effective services, including COVID-19 risk-mitigation plans, medical evacuation and repatriations. We can also provide medical equipment to remote locations as well as specialized medical training to deployed personnel.

We can provide:

  • Aero-Medical Evacuation (AME)
  • Medical escorts and facilitation support
  • Embedded medical personnel (Critical Care Nurse // Paramedic // Doctors)
  • Mobile hospital and remote trauma services
  • International vetted hospitals database
  • Local medical unit vetting
  • Healthcare assessments of operating environment
  • Healthcare prevention measures guidance
  • International workforce medical compliance
  • Pharma guidance
  • Medical travel pharmaceutical kit (guidance // provision)
  • Recruitment and nomination of the Occupational Health Doctor
  • Epidemiologic guidance and support