Assessing the security standards of your facilities through virtual reality.

Black swan events ripple through our global economy in unexpected ways. The recent pandemic challenged every measure of foresight we had in place. Some things that were long taken for granted cannot be guaranteed anymore.

Virtual mobility, in a restrained economy: create safe and protected spaces remotely

In 2021, we have been facing the unforeseen challenges of closed borders and ever-changing travel restrictions.

We developed a new generation of Risk Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (RTVA). Corporate security managers can now inspect the facilities where the assessment was performed, visualising their features, and having the option to suggest further improvements. Our aggregate system combines the latest technology in point cloud 3D mapping with decades of expertise in delivering RTVAs.

Our Solutions

Sharp view of your facilities

The Virtual RTVA relays the images in high quality. We use a state-of-the-art point cloud system to reconstruct the environment in 3D.

Navigation inside the premises

Go on virtual tours through the 3D reconstruction of the facility. Zoom into points of interest as if you were really inside.

Detailed view of findings & gaps

The Virtual RTVA takes multiple high-resolution 360° pictures so that you can analyse the most minute details.

Integrated reports and highlights

Advisories and recommendations will be highlighted in the 3D view.

Temperature and measurements

Really feel the room. Measure distances between points in the facility. Measure the temperature of objects within the room.

RTVAs traditionally rely on photographs and maps. Someone who has never been in the facility may struggle to understand its core features and only gets a narrow read on the security. Through the NSSG Virtual RTVA, you can now get access to a new dimension of information.

The Virtual RTVAs bring a new measure of spatial awareness. The technology represents to the risk assessment consultancy what the smartphone has been to the mobile industry: a true leap.

There is so much we can do to maintain our mobility!

A thorough Virtual RTVA will give you a world of applicable information that will keep your team safe.

  • A 360° view of the premises. You can stop and focus on the most sensitive points of your office or facility.
  • A point cloud view where you can take the necessary notes
    and measurements to have a realistic awareness of your building’s features.
  • The ability to implement digital simulations before you
    invest real features or commit budgets for your security
    system’s development.
  • A digital tool at one-hand reach that supports you with a visual description over the locations your are responsible to secure.

What you get?

  1. The Cloud

    A point cloud & 360° view over your global premises.
  2. The Tool

    A realistic tool allowing you to perform security simulations. Simulate emergency evacuation initial planning. Go over security system development. Create contingency plans with broad-spectrum information.
  3. The Platform

    A digital platform that allows you constant and realistic awareness of your global facilities features.

NSSG brings the Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments to the 21st Century.

We are there for you in high-stakes situations. We will find secure solutions if your businesses or operations are restricted by political instability, risk of crime, unrest.