Risk Management & Crisis Support

Our motto is ‘The safest possible place. Anywhere.’

We provide a wide array of Risk Management & Crisis Support services that are innovative and forward-looking. We leverage our local insights and global capabilities to ensure that our services allow organisations to operate in the most challenging environments in a safe, secure, and cost-effective manner.

We understand and appreciate that crisis situations can be unsettling to a business and its staff. That is why we are committed to providing our clients with the necessary forward-looking support that helps organisations identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities and prepare for the future. During moments of crisis, we will provide fully engaged support to minimise any potential harm to operations, assets, reputation and staff. We will be an asset along an organisation’s journey of crisis management support.


Whether organisations are deploying personnel with extensive experience or inexperience to new or familiar destinations, we can provide the end-to-end journey management services to ensure seamless, safe, and secure travel. Entry and exit points, visa and health requirements, unknown high risk crime areas and natural hazards are some of the concerns that can cause unease for the business traveller.

Our Journey Management services are designed to comprehensively address risks that may disrupt on-the-ground mobility.  All of our personnel are trained and experienced in planning and managing risks to the journey, coordinating travel arrangements, and implementing risk-mitigation procedures.

At North Star Support Group, we can provide:

  • Destination-specific pre-travel safety, security and health briefs
  • Hotel risk assessments
  • Meet and greet services
  • Secure transportation
  • Security-trained driver
  • Facilitation services
  • Executive Protection
  • Itinerary planning
  • Emergency response planning and management
  • Fleet management
  • 24/7 incident monitoring and reporting
  • Continuous 3600 communications and travel tracking

Event Security Management

Organising or hosting an event can pose significant logistical and security challenges. From AGMs to multi-day conferences, no matter the complexity or the scale, our team can assist with planning and managing to ensure a smooth and safe event. The team will work with your organisation to deliver a plan that is within your budget and executed with detailed precision.

Our Embedded Security Managers, Consultants and Operatives maintain a high degree of professionalism, and discretion. They and their activities will not be the centre of attention—your event will be.

We can provide:

  • Logistical and security planning and support
  • Security-trained event stewards
  • Crisis response teams
  • Mobile medical teams
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) services
  • Access-control services
  • Canine (K-9) support


Planning for today’s security challenges does not necessarily mean you will be prepared for tomorrow’s crisis. Our consulting services are geared towards providing strategic, forward-looking, integrated, and innovative solutions across the enterprise risk spectrum.

We listen to our clients to fully understand and appreciate the issues that matter most to them. We review, develop, and create policies and plans to ensure your organisation feels confident in the decision-making process when it comes to security. We aim to create a security culture and architecture that creates value. We ensure best practices but adapt them to the unique reality of your business.

We can provide:

  • Policy, plan and procedure review, assessment, and development
  • Security programme development
  • Duty of care programme review and development
  • Crisis response and evacuation planning
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments
  • Security training and workshops

Due Diligence and Corporate Investigations

Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, vetting of third-party vendors and appointment of executive board members are complex decision-making processes where a company’s reputation, security, finances and legal exposure are potentially on the line if the proper checks and procedures are not carried out. Pre-employment screening checks of candidates needed to fill in critical posts, assessing the reputation of a high-network individual prior to a merger or understanding vulnerabilities prior to an investment are necessary to reducing risks to the business.

Furthermore, in this globalised world where there is an increasing blurring of the boundaries between state and non-state actors, there are factors at play that can prompt governments to abruptly impose targeted sanctions, creating legal and regulatory hurdles to conducting business.

It is imperative for decision-makers to be armed with as much relevant and timely insight as possible to make informed decisions that ensures maximum value and reduces exposure to any affiliated risks.

We can provide:

  • Investigative Due Diligence
  • Background investigations
  • Third-party vendor and contractor vetting
  • Reputational assessments
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance checks


Our Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence (C3i) centre operates on a 24/7 basis, combining constant monitoring of ongoing security operations with the ability to perform intelligence-led assessments and advice to our clients.  Our C3i provides global incident monitoring, personnel tracking and emergency response services, doing the round-the-clock work, allowing our clients to have a full operational picture and perform informed critical decisions in the event of crisis.

Our clients can establish the escalation trigger points that allow communications and to whom information is disseminated to, both during routine and emergency. We can work with the relevant stakeholder in the business to establish clear lines of responsibility for action-on tasks. Whether it be our clients or us partaking in the coordinating, managing and executing of a response task, we will be dedicated, flexible, professional, thorough, and transparent until the emergency is resolved.

We can provide:

  • 24/7 safety and security assistance
  • 24/7 asset monitoring and operational coordination
  • Active threat monitoring
  • Asset and personnel tracking
  • Global medical assistance
  • Emergency evacuations

Virtual RTVA

In 2021, we have been facing the unforeseen challenges of closed borders and ever-changing travel restrictions.

We developed a new generation of Virtual Risk Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (RTVA). Corporate security managers can now inspect the facilities where the assessment was performed, visualising their features, and having the option to suggest further improvements. Our aggregate system combines the latest technology in point cloud 3D mapping with decades of expertise in delivering RTVAs.

Read more about the product…here.



We draw upon a wealth of experience in the commercial security and military services to provide actionable, relevant, and time-sensitive intelligence to our clients. In this globalised and hyper-connected world, organisations can be inundated with unstructured and unverified data, creating a more uncertain and conflicting information landscape which complicates, rather than facilitate, decision making processes. In certain countries, where strong government controls create an opaque information environment, or where extremely remote destinations hinder access to information, organisations may feel disempowered to operate or caught off-guard by unforeseen events.

Our Intelligence Analysts use an all-source approach to information and intelligence collection, then distil amorphous information into finer points of meaning and relevance to our clients. Our open-source intelligence (OSINT) collection processes are complemented through our vetted network of in-country assets to provide corroboration, additional insight, another level of granular detail and local nuance to an event or development. We will not tell our clients what they want to hear, but what they need to hear in order for them to make the best-informed decisions.

We can provide:

  • Global tactical and strategic intelligence reporting
  • Tailored intelligence analysis at project-level
  • Custom intelligence reports
  • Dedicated intelligence analysts

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