Navigating the disruptive wave of global events can be exhausting for those of you responsible for securing the organisation’s business and corporate travels.

At NSSG, we understand your struggles concerning travel risk management (TRM) practices. Therefore we were delighted to have as our guest speaker David Sarafinas, President & Founder at Global Ground Truth, in our episode of the NSSG Talks webinar series, which focused on discussing all Travel Risk Management potential threats as well as best practices and solutions.

With +23 years of experience in travel risk management, where he supported hundreds of organisations with building corporate travel protocols, developing medical and security networks of assistance, as well as guide in establishing incident management procedures and selecting the proper technology, David joins us in supporting fellow professionals with perfecting or establishing the much needed TRM and Duty of Care programs.

Our webinar series is free to attend, and we welcome risk management professionals as well as geopolitics enthusiasts.