As anticipated in our Global Risk Outlook for 2023, the world is becoming more affected by the pressure of rapidly unfolding geopolitical, economic, health, and security events that threaten the mental well-being of our societies and organisations’ staff members.

In recent years, we have witnessed a global increase in psychiatric disorders, affecting one in eight individuals, with the CoVid-19 pandemic exacerbating the crisis. Stigma remains a major barrier to accessing mental health care, leading to social isolation and discrimination. 

Our NSSG Talks focused on Psychological Risks and Prof. Dr. Milan Krajnc shared with our audience recommendations on how organisations can better manage these risks.

Who is Prof. Dr. Milan Krajnc?

Nominee for the Nobel Prize in Economics 2021 for developing a new scientific field and a new business concept known as Dynamic Leadership Model (DLM), Prof. Dr. Milan Krajnc is a well-known figure in the psychotherapy and the personal & business growth expertise areas. 

Prof. Dr. Milan Krajnc founded a new scientific field, Dynamilogy, on which he later based the development of a new business concept, and that we know as the Dynamic Leadership Model (DLM). 

DLM combines laws of nature and psychology into modern-day economics science. It provides methods to manage challenges before they escalate into crises.  “DLM is a business paradigm for the direction, organisation, and communication strategies of a company that does not allow the personalities of those who are actively shaping the business process itself to influence it. The entire model is based on the law of nature”, says Milan Krajnc. 

For the last 20 years, Prof. Dr. Milan Krajnc has been dedicated to the private practice of psychotherapy where he successfully brought solutions to multiple crisis situations in business organisations ranging from family-owned businesses to companies and corporations.

His professorship career is divided between the Al-Khalifa Business School that he represents at the Principality of Monaco, the European Center for Peace and Development where he teaches Public Management as well as UN’s University for Peace where he is a Professor of Economic Sciences.

What can we do about the psychological risk, and how can we prevent our organisations from being affected by this trend?

The current episode of our NSSG Talks will help you in making a step closer to your organisation’s risk resilience!

Our webinar series is free to attend, and we welcome risk management professionals as well as geopolitics enthusiasts.