2023 has proven to be another challenging year for businesses. The Ukraine war, interstate cyberwar, China’s economic slowdown, impacts of climate-change, devastating natural disasters, geopolitical tensions, disruption from AI, regional coups and conflicts, and high levels of labour and civil unrest have challenged the risk management skills of organisations globally. 

The next year shows indicators of continued instability that will present similar and new challenges for businesses. What will 2024 look like? How can organisations navigate safely and securely through uncertainty? These were some of the questions our special guest and our team members tackled within the December 2023 episode of the NSSG Talks series. 

NSSG’s leadership is thrilled to share with you our special discussion about the world of risk in 2023, including some lessons learned and lessons to be learned as we move into 2024.

Keynote Speaker:

Lawrence H. Sanchez, NSSG’s Board of Advisors Member || Former Assistant Commissioner for Intelligence NY Police Department || Former Senior Executive CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)


 Alessandro Martello MSyl, NSSG’s CEO and Founder

 Ital Dar, NSSG’s COO

 Joe Frederick, NSSG’s Senior Geopolitical Risk Advisor

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