As the Ukraine War enters its two-year ongoing conflict, there are deep concerns over its trajectory. In the run-up to the 24 February 2022 invasion, most media pundits and security experts held the belief that Russia would be relatively successful in absorbing Ukraine in a short period of time. Few predicted the severity of the impact the war would have on the global economy. Geopolitically, there has been a recalibration of alliances, and the long-term implications of this are uncertain. Between then and now, Ukraine has demonstrated tremendous resolve and defied huge odds through a combination of patriotism and foreign support.

The war has posed major geopolitical, security, cybersecurity, and economic challenges to Europe, NATO, and the rest of the world. It has left an indelible mark on history, but what about the future? Where is it headed? What are the implications?

These were some of the questions discussed by our distinguished guest speakers Ian Thornton-Trump CD, CISO at Cyjax, Dr Paul Thornbury, Lecturer in Criminology at Bath Spa University and Mykola Mikheiev CFE CFE, ASIS Ukraine Chapter Chair and the Local Security Officer of the European Union Advisory Mission in Ukraine together with Joe Frederick, NSSG’s Senior Geopolitical Risk Advisor.

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