We are delighted to have as guest speakers Rob Currie and James Strickland of RCAS. These two security professionals will have a conversation with our CEO Alessandro Martello about “leadership in crisis management.” 

As we continue to navigate through the pandemic, the disruptive effects rooted in the Ukraine war, the effects of climate change, and increasingly competitive geopolitical environment, the coming year will likely see more political, economic, security and social turbulence impacting organisations globally. This conversation will highlight some of the key principals that an organisation’s leadership have or will likely experience during crisis events. Our panel of experts will also discuss lessons learned from their own experiences and how those lessons translated into actionable advice and services that benefitted their respective companies and clients. 

Come join us on January 25th for another NSSG Talks! 

Our webinar series is free to attend and welcomes both risk management professionals as well as any geopolitics enthusiasts.