For our February edition of the NSSG Talks, our intelligence team took a look back on the first year of the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine and analysed what that has meant to the business world. Our analysts discussed about recent developments in Moldova, which is vying for EU membership, and the implications on trade and investment.

Our senior intelligence analysts examined the military and geopolitical nuances of the war and how these pose further threats against the global business environment. Our Eurasia analyst, Robert Ballante, focused on the military developments as well as pointed out on the geopolitical perspective and future implications brought by the war in Ukraine. As for the regional overview, our senior intelligence analyst Valentin Munteanu analysed the perspectives of Romania and Moldova and how the conflict will likely change their respective geopolitical positions and strategies and what the implications are for businesses with interests in the region.

Our webinar series is free to attend and welcomes both risk management professionals as well as any geopolitics enthusiasts.