We were delighted to have as our guest speaker Gavin Greenwood, Director at A2 Global Risk. Gavin is an expert on Asia-Pacific Affairs with a special focus on China and Southeast Asia.

With a considerable amount of experience in the region, Gavin is providing expert analysis for IHS Janes, Control Risks, Eastern Express, Far Eastern Economic Review and Thomson Reuters. Gavin is frequently interviewed for publications such as Nikkei Asia, VOA News, and Australian Associated Press, among others.

Our NSSG Talks focused on China and the implications on businesses from countries that are decoupling from the world’s manufacturing base. We discussed the factors that are prompting states to diversify their supply chains from China and into new markets. What will this mean for relations between the US and EU from a business perspective?

Check out the webinar’s recording to capture the insightful point Gavin has shared with us.

Our webinar series is free to attend, and we welcome risk management professionals as well as geopolitics enthusiasts.