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Blog Category: Intel Analysis

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Intel Analysis
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  • Intel Analysis

    Ukraine: One Year Review and Future Scenarios

    In this special report on Ukraine, we review the events over the past year and will be exploring what variables can impact the development of the conflict as well as listing different scenarios for how the war might end. After the first year of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, an end to hostilities and a … Continued

  • Intel Analysis

    Russia’s war in Ukraine: Implications for western companies

    Business as usual, as we knew it in Russia, is unlikely to make a comeback for years to come. Currently, the war in Ukraine continues to develop actively, and although negotiations between the two parties are ongoing, their positions are disparate, despite claims to the contrary. For 30 years, since the collapse of the Soviet … Continued

  • Intel Analysis

    Water Diplomacy in the 21st Century: GERD Dispute on the Nile River

    Tensions in the Nile River basin are rising, as a decade-old dispute promises no solution in the near future. The struggle for the rich waters of the Nile River is an unambiguous portrayal of the significance of water diplomacy in the 21st century and on the potential for water scarcity as a driver of future … Continued

  • Intel Analysis

    Making Sense of the Taliban Victory in Afghanistan

    The picture of Major General Chris Donahue—taken through a night-vision device as he was boarding a C-17 cargo plane at Kabul Airport on the night between 30-31 August 2021—has already acquired historical significance. General Donahue was the last US soldier to leave Afghanistan, formally putting an end to the United States’ presence in the country just short of the 20th anniversary of … Continued