Dear Partner, Friend, Colleague,

as you certainly agree, the last year and a half have been extremely challenging, but at the same time, offered us some great opportunities.

For us, at NSSG, it mainly gave us the chance to prove what is in our DNA: being resilient and ready to catch the opportunity, but never opportunistic.

We also had the chance to realize that the image of NSSG was not properly reflecting who we are and who, without compromises, we’ll always be, so we’ve decided to tailor a brand new suit on us.

A common brand that will be worn by North Star Support Group, our main risk management firm and its sister company North Star Service Group Egypt focused on the provision of support services across the MENA region, by North Star Journey Management that very soon will be renamed North Star Medical exclusively providing advanced medical solutions in challenging environments and by North Star Technologies that is going to play a central role integrating high tech solutions in the provision of our services. But stay tuned because a new Star of the group will be soon born!

Again, with this rebranding, we wanted something tailor-made perfectly fitting on us, as tailor-made will always be our relationship with you.

Alessandro Martello, CEO & Founder NSSG