Our discussion seeks to explore the dynamic transformation of Morocco and how this country’s soft powers hide its true potential as a game-changing regional player. Through multilevel economic and social cooperation, Morocco plays a pivotal link between the continents of Africa and Europe. Our Talks will focus on these areas of cooperation and prospects for the future of the state and the region. 

With a post-graduate master’s degree from the Institute for Advanced Defence Studies, which focused on Morocco’s strategic importance in the Mediterranean basin, Gabriele will share a particular awareness of the local security issues and how these impact the local development ambitions.

Our NSSG Talks will focus on these critical developments and what this means for regional geopolitical and geo-economic interests.

Come join us at 5 PM (EEST) on Friday, 3 November 2023 and make a step closer to your organisation’s risk resilience!

Our webinar series is free to attend, and we welcome risk management professionals, business leaders as well as geopolitics enthusiasts.