Riyadh, October 19th 2021 / 13th Rabi Al Awal 1443

“North Star Support Group” (NSSG) announces today the establishment of a permanent joint venture with the Riyadh-based “Alzawahed for Services and Security Guards” (Alzawahed Group). The aim of the venture is to become the top choice of the Saudi business market with regard to risk management and crisis response support.

While this joint venture will expand the services portfolio of Alzawahed—bringing years of experience in the provision of risk management solutions—it will also allow NSSG to enter the vibrant local market with the needed confidence brought by the in-depth knowledge of the Saudi culture. Further on, this will encourage foreign entities operating in the Kingdom to safely keep on investing, while also providing the necessary tools for the Saudi companies to operate with confidence while doing business globally.

“This exciting joint venture is the natural evolution not only of years of business relationship, but especially of friendship, mutual vision and respect”, stated Alessandro Martello, Chief Executive Officer of NSSG. “Our friends at Alzawahed reflect the 2030 vision for the Kingdom in evolving, changing, and efficiently adapting to the contemporary business environment. This is exactly what NSSG’s DNA is made of and what allowed it to become a globally known risk management boutique firm”.

Alzawahed Group welcomed this joint venture with great enthusiasm. “We see this not only as an opportunity to differentiate our services portfolio but also as the path to becoming the first Saudi firm providing a wide range of risk management services both at the domestic and at the international level”, concluded Ibrahim Bin Raslan, General Manager of Alzawahed Group.

For more information about the joint venture and other details about the two parties, do reach us at servicedesk@nssg.global.